Guests of Honor

Our Guests of Honor have been chosen for their exceptional contributions to the furry fandom, the diverse and entertaining social landscape that we all enjoy. Join us in showing them the respect they're due at Furry Fiesta!

Atsu Fawx

Atsu is a choreographer, dancer and fursuit performer. Relatively unknown in his earlier years, he first took the stage at Anthrocon’s 2012 dance competition and since then has been making appearances at many conventions. He is most well known for his performances with the dance crew Furternity. Outside of performing, Atsu takes great pleasure in teaching and sharing the art of dance with others.

Deanna Biesemeyer

Deanna is a 24 year old fursuit marker, artist and performer. She started to make fursuits when she was just 12 years old and has since mastered the skill of fursuit making. Currently she works full-time under her own company Skypro Costumes where she has since made over 100 suits. On top of all the fursuits she is also known for her own character Telephone who has caught the hearts of many con-goers thanks to its chirpy attitude and bubbly personality.

Shara Faith

Shara Faith, known as Merystic in the furry and gaming communities, is a career graphic artist and illustrator as well as a long-time fan of all things furry. A 31-year-old native Texan living in Dallas, Texas Furry Fiesta is her “home” con and she couldn’t be happier to be a part of it in 2018. In her professional career, she has illustrated several video game key art and box covers, illustrated full-page ads for comic books, designed logos and branding for businesses, worked on concept art, designed t-shirts and merchandise, and more. In her free time, she prefers to keep the pencil in hand, drawing all manner of anthropomorphic, fantasy, and concept works both for fun and for friends. When she’s not drawing, she can often be found playing video games, doing fitness activities, or enjoying social outings. She also likes fursuiting, so keep an eye out for this happy-go-lucky purple gryphon.


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