We need your assistance to make sure that Furry Fiesta 2018 goes off without madness taking its toll on the Furry Fiesta staff!

As you step off the escalator onto the 2nd floor gallery area you will notice our new and improved volunteer station. So shovel up all the energy you can find and come on over to our table to see how you can lend a paw! We will help determine where you may best assist, train you up, and send you off to get started. We appreciate any assistance you can provide to help make this convention a spectacular experience for all!

If you are interested in volunteering, feel free to fill out this volunteer form so that we can coordinate in advance with you, so you have more time to enjoy Furry Fiesta, and you get a special prize!


Register for Texas Furry Fiesta 2018! Pre-registration ends January 23rd, 2018.

Book Your Room

Furry Fiesta 2018 will be held at the Hyatt Regency at Reunion in downtown Dallas, TX!

Volunteer at TFF

As our convention continues to grow, so do our volunteer needs! Join us!


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